At Combustion Digital we’re not just passionate about creating high-quality video, we’re passionate about providing creative solutions to creative problems.

Whether you need a promotional piece, interactive e-learning module or an immersive experience like 360 video or VR, we have the expertise to guide you through the process and deliver a high-quality product that engages your audience and meets your goals for any delivery platform, from YouTube to Vimeo or Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Corporate Video

Why say when you can show?

Corporate communication is constantly evolving, especially as employees’ attention is continuously being divided.
Whether you are sharing key messages from your CEO, promoting an incentive program or kicking off a weekly video newsletter, we can help you produce an engaging and informative video that holds your team’s attention to ensure that they are performing at their best.

Promotional Video

Sales-driven storytelling

As commercial and branded content moves between broadcast, online and social media, it can be challenging to map your content in the most effective way.
Whether you are promoting a product or launching a music video, we can guide you through the process and deliver high-end, cinematic, commercial production that meets your need and fits your budget.

eLearning & Instructional

Learning is about the experience

Enabling efficient and effective knowledge transfer is all about learner experience. We engage the learner by using modern design, captivating storytelling, and interactivity in both traditional and 360 video formats.
Whether you need bite-sized learning or multi-module courses, we present your content in a way that resonates with your team, incorporating animation, video, gamification, scenario building and branching storytelling where they make an impact.
In addition to building courses, we can localize them for you in multiple languages to meet your team’s needs wherever they are. Plus, our experts in accessibility help ensure that everyone on your team is able to grow their skills.

VR / 360 Video

Tomorrow's content, today.

On the very cutting edge of content creation is immersive video. Through an entry-level headset, like Google Cardboard, or a professional setup such as the HTC Vive, you can place your viewers into unique experiences.
The applications are limitless, from virtual tours to safety instruction, product knowledge to gamification. Bring viewers into your unique space with immersive video.

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