Communicating effectively during the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s never been a more important time to get your message out than during a crisis. At Combustion Digital we’re here to help and we have a number of solutions to produce high-quality content in safe and affordable ways.

Firstly, all our teams are equipped with masks, gloves, and sanitizer; and we no longer use microphones which require us to have direct contact with talent. We also divide the set into crew and talent areas, and Instruct them to stay at least 6 feet away from each other as an extra precaution.

Our Micro Crew option uses either one or two operators who are skilled in all the aspects of video production. Though it may take slightly longer to set up, it greatly minimizes the exposure risks. 

The second option is what we call Shooting from a Distance. When you’re still pursuing top-level video production we divide the day into two portions; crew and talent. We bring a crew in to set up in the morning, after which they leave, masks are changed, and all surfaces are wiped down. Only the director and a producer stay. Talent then comes in and we record your session. Once you’re done we send you on your way, resanitize, and the crew comes back to clean up.

Another service we take pride in is our Digital Content Creation. Using stock imagery, animation, and a whole lot of creativity, we can create captivating content without shooting at all. Moving imagery and sound is always a powerful way to communicate your message, and it’s still a Effective tool even when shooting isn’t possible.

And most importantly, we’re here to power your productions, even at home. We offer a Video Consultation service to help you set yourself up for effective at-home video solutions. We consult on equipment, technical setup, microphone positioning, finding the right location in your home, best times of day, and several other factors which can help you, or your executives, look great in the next Zoom meeting.  

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